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News (1/4) | APB, Mastercard join us to support 100k women-owned small businesses in India

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Your trusted connection to India's rural markets:
Tech-enabled, powered by women

Frontier Markets is India’s premier rural social commerce platform, offering an essential last mile connection to rural households, working with and for women.
Our track record to date:
dd. August 2023
Leveraging a fast growing community of women entrepreneurs or Saral Jeevan Sahelis' and our rural-friendly 'Meri Saheli' technology, Frontier Markets brings
gender-inclusive, quality products and services to rural doorsteps each day. 


Solutions Delivered to
Rural Doorsteps


Digitized Rural
Women Entrepreneurs




B2B Clients

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As an intermediary to manufacturers and service providers, our Meri Saheli
platform allows us and them to
seamlessly match rural demand and supply.
Our 'Saral Jeevan' - or 'Easy Life' - product basket includes 4 primary offerings:

Financial Products & Services

Clean Energy Solutions

Agricultural Products

Health & Homecare Products

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As an 'impact first' social enterprise we put our Sahelis and rural communities first. Together, we are on a mission to build thriving, future-proof rural markets and communities, one woman entrepreneur at a time
Meet Rajni | Saheli Entrepreneur, Community Leader, and Health worker
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Rajni lost her job as a teacher amid the COVID lockdown. Trained as one of our 35,000 Saheli’s, she joined our COVID response efforts and is now her own entrepreneur, bringing essential, durable, and affordable, products to her community
"I feared the future.
Now I have direction. People come to me with their problems. I am the solution"
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To serve and elevate rural women and communities at the scale and speed that our times require, collaboration is essential. This is why we launched She Leads Bharat in January 2023 alongside the World Economic Forum in Davos as a holistic shared action initiative through which corporations, NGOs, governments, funders, and investors can work together
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A growing number of leading local and global organizations work with
us to ensure that essential solutions 
achieve rural uptake including:
It takes a village to achieve social, economic, and climate justice. We believe that women hold the key to unlocking the change needed and our team of expert practitioners is committed to help them to do so. We hope you will join us
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